We love to fly in real life because it gives us a sense of freedom and accomplishment!
We believe flying FSX Missions should feel as good as flying in real life.

That’s why all our missions are designed by an FAA certified pilot and use real-world aeronautical information. We write the back-story and dialog and then record real people’s voices for the role of flight instructors, air traffic controllers and various other parts.

The results are FSX Missions that feel just like real-world flights.

Latest News

Official Avsim Review

Vertical Studios is very pleased to receive an official, very positive review from Avsim.

+2 hours fun in Swiss- and some French mountains.

Great missions.

Informative text boxes not only for your flight, but also background information of the scenery.

Logically there’s a GPS flight plan included.

Nice video reward (surprise!)

Mission quality versus price – awesome!

5 Stars from Aircraft Magazine

Vertical Studios’ Mountain Flying in Switzerland receives a 5-out-of-5 stars review from Aircraft Magazine.

This is recommended for rookies and experts alike.

Mountain Flying in Switzerland will be of value to those who want to soak in some gorgeous FSX eyeball sugar candy.

It promotes challenging flying, providing intuitive steps for the beginner, advanced for the hardcore.

Big Budget Blockbuster

Vertical Studios is pleased to announce the start of a new series of Add-on Missions for Flight Simulator X. This group of missions is called Big Budget Blockbuster.

Your old buddy from school is now a big shot movie producer and he’s invited you to Hawaii to check out the action movie set and attend the wrap party of his latest film! Your buddy will help you navigate and handle all the radio communications. But it’s up to you to arrive safely at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command!

Vertical Studios offers the FSX add-on market a unique benefit … Real-world, ultra-high-quality FSX add-on missions by FAA certified pilot for under $2.00!

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